Wooden Christmas Crafts to make and sell

27 Easy Wooden Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell

There is nothing more festive than the holidays. It’s that time of year when everyone is in a good mood, and it seems like you can achieve anything. Nowadays, people are looking for ways to make their homes look even more festive by adding decorations, but they’re also hunting for DIY Christmas gifts they can give friends and family members who live far away. I’ve compiled some of my favorite wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell this year!

You can gift these wooden Christmas crafts to your holiday guests or sell them at craft fairs. Selling Christmas crafts is a great way to make extra money during the holidays, but don’t worry if you can’t do that- these are also great handmade holiday gifts for family and friends.

All of these cost very little to make, and I am sure you already have some of the materials lying around the house! You’ll love how easy these Christmas crafts are to put together- all you need is a little bit of patience, some scrap wood, and some basic crafting supplies from your local craft store. Which of the following DIY Christmas decorations will you try?

What are some of the easy wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell?

Let’s look at some of the most popular and easy wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell. These are some of the most popular and easy-to-make decorations you could sell at a craft fair or give away as gifts.

1. Snowflake Wall Shelf

You can quickly turn this wooden wall shelf into a fantastic piece of decor for your own home- or you can make it as a gift for someone else. It’s beautiful and will look great in any room!

These shelves are great for displaying items like Christmas ornaments and knickknacks, and they work well in a child’s bedroom or playroom. You can attach these shelves to the walls of your child’s bedroom, and they’ll have a neat display full of their favorite toys. Or, you can hang it in your own home!

2. Wooden Tree Wall Shelf

Make this wall shelf to add some character to your living room walls. This is one of the Christmas craft ideas that are simple yet elegant and will make the perfect Christmas decoration! You can also paint it to match your Christmas tree.

Just choose the right colors, and you’ll have a beautiful piece of wall decor that goes with your Christmas decorations perfectly! This is also one of the easy wooden Christmas crafts to make to sell- it’s both beautiful and unique.

3. Holiday Ornament Wall Shelf

Image source: Etsy

This wall shelf is one of my favorites because you can use it all year round and not just during the holidays. Hang it in your child’s bedroom to hold their favorite ornaments and keep them organized and off of the floor!

You could also display photos of your family on this wall shelf or put them up in your entryway hall to keep your keys organized. It’s the perfect handmade gift for someone special!

4. Wooden Card Holder

This cardholder for a window is one of my favorite and easy Christmas crafts! It’s a great way to let the world know how you feel during this festive time of year. It’s also great for holding your favorite Christmas cards.

This would be perfect for hanging in an entryway hallway, or you could place it on your mantelpiece next to the fireplace.

5. Wooden display frames

These display frames are perfect for Christmas cards, pictures, and memories of this beautiful holiday season. Choose the color you like best to create your unique version!

They’re easy to make, and the supplies are inexpensive. Turn it into a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special in your life. It will also look great hanging on their living room wall. This is one of the simple wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell- especially if you have a shop online.

6. Wooden Snowflake Coasters

Look how beautiful these coasters are! They’re perfect for decorating your coffee table and adding a festive touch to your home.

Image source: Etsy

These are one of the quick and easy Christmas crafts to make and sell- they take no time at all, so you can make a ton in a short period. You could even do a craft fair or a DIY holiday gift market with these coasters! The colors are so beautiful, and everyone will love receiving them as gifts.

They’re simple to make and only take about an hour or two, depending on how many you decide to make. You could also make these as Christmas gifts for family and friends.

7. Wooden Christmas star

This Christmas star is a fun project to do and comes together in a snap. Try making one for everyone you know- they’ll love it! It’s a great centerpiece for your table this holiday season.

Image source: Etsy

This is also one of the easy wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell- put it in your online store today!

8. Wooden Craft Stocking

This beautiful woodcraft stocking is perfect for hanging on your mantelpiece. If you paint it white with gold lettering, it will match any home decor you already have.

Image source: Etsy

Make one for everyone in your family- they’ll love it! This is also one of the easy wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell- put it in your online store today!

9. Wooden stocking holder stand

This Christmas stocking holder stand is one of the perfect Christmas craft ideas for the holidays. It’s simple and inexpensive to make, but it looks beautiful.

Image source: Etsy

Hang it on your mantle with some stockings, or make several of them and use them as decoration in any room of your home!

10. Holiday table centerpiece

Make these unique centerpieces to supplement your holiday decor, or give them away as holiday gifts to family and friends who love craft projects.

Image source: Etsy

You could also put them on your dinner table and use them as a centerpiece for special holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. It’s one of the easy wooden Christmas crafts to make and is simple to personalize with whatever color you want! It will add such a gorgeous touch to any holiday meal.

These make great decorations for your home, and you can even use them outside in the summertime!

11. Wooden Christmas tree stand

This wooden Christmas tree stand is perfect for anyone who loves decorating their own Christmas tree. It’s simple to make and inexpensive.

Image source: Etsy

You can paint it in any festive color to match your holiday mood! Or, give it away as a gift to someone you know who will appreciate it.

12. Wooden snowflake keychain

Give this wooden snowflake keychain as a gift to any family member or friend. This is one of the holiday crafts that is easy to make and fun to add some festive cheer!

Wooden Christmas Crafts to make and sell

You could also use it for your keys, and what an excellent way to show off your Christmas spirit year-round!

13. Wooden gingerbread boy

This little gingerbread boy is a fun decoration that only takes a few minutes to make. You can leave him plain or paint him in any festive color.

This is one of the quick and easy Christmas crafts to make and sell- you’ll be able to make a ton in no time at all!

Wooden Christmas Crafts to make and sell

Hang it anywhere you want to add some holiday cheer! It’s simple and perfect for the Christmas season, but you could also make one any time of year.

14. Holiday wine holder

Make this wooden holiday wine holder, get in the spirit of the season and prepare for a fun and festive night with friends.

Wooden Christmas Crafts to make and sell

It’s easy to make and will look great in your home! It is one of the Christmas crafts that will outshine the others!

15. Wooden Christmas decor

This wreath is not only beautiful, but it also makes a beautiful decoration all year round. Hang it on your front door or anywhere you want some extra cheer! You can also put this on your Christmas tree for a rustic touch.

Wooden Christmas Crafts to make and sell

Paint it any color to match your holiday decor, or give it away as a gift to someone you know who will appreciate it. This Christmas wreath is one of the easy Christmas crafts and is perfect for beginners.

16. Wooden Christmas tree

No Christmas would be complete without an awesome tree. These trees are perfect for decorating around the holidays, and the best part is that you can make them yourself!

This wooden Christmas tree is one of the Christmas crafts perfect for adding home decor style this holiday season! It’s unique, so you can be sure people will take notice wherever you put it.

This tree would look great in an entryway hallway or mantelpiece, but it’s also a good size for sitting on a table. These wooden Christmas trees are both fun and festive, the perfect accent for your holiday decor!

Paint them in any color you like with sparkles or glitter for some added magic, or leave them natural for a beautiful rustic look. They’re easy to make and great as gifts too!

17. Wooden Christmas tree ornaments

These handmade wooden Christmas tree ornaments are a great way to add personal touches to your holiday decor. String them up with some tinsel for an elegant, festive centerpiece.

Wooden christmas crafts to make and sell

Making Christmas ornaments is a fun project for adults and kids alike and looks great hanging on a Christmas tree.

18. Wooden sleigh centerpiece

This wooden sleigh would make a great addition to your holiday decor! It’s designed to be a centerpiece for an entryway table, mantelpiece, or any flat surface you want to add some Christmas cheer.

It’s the perfect decoration for the holiday season, and it gives you something fun and festive to do with your family. There is no right or wrong way to decorate this sleigh, so let your creativity shine!

Add some candy canes and other festive touches to make it your own.

19. Wooden Christmas stocking tags

These wooden Christmas stocking tags are a quick and easy way to add some homemade holiday cheer. Hang them on your family members’ stockings to show off your creativity!

They’re simple, but there’s nothing more magical than a handmade decoration at Christmas.

20. Wood reindeer wall hanging

Make this rustic wool reindeer wall hanging to add some holiday cheer to your home. These deer are beautifully handcrafted and will look great in any room of your house.

They’re effortless to make, and you could even paint them in any color you like! Add some glitter, sparkles, or tinsel to make them look magical too!

21. Wooden Christmas gift tags

These wooden gift tags are a fun way for you to add your personal touch to any gift this holiday season. You could even use them as a place card or table number holder at a dinner party!

These gift tags are rustic and unique, so the options for what you can do with them are endless. Paint them any color you like and hang some on your Christmas tree or wreath. Put a few of these around a stack of wrapped gifts for a fun way to keep track of who gave you what.

Make some homemade cards with these tags attached as well, so your loved ones can show off their creativity too!

22. Wooden holiday signs

These wooden holiday signs are straightforward to make and a great way to add some personalized touches to your home. They’re rustic and beautiful, and you can paint them in any color you like!

Hang them on your Christmas tree or wreath for a fun touch that gets guests into the holiday spirit.

They’d look great propped up in the corner of your living room, especially if you have guests over for the holidays. You can also display them on mantels or shelves in any room of the house!

23. Wooden Christmas gift box

This is one of my favorite wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell. Make this beautiful wooden Christmas gift box to add some rustic elegance to your holiday decor.

Image source: Amazon

Fill it with small gifts for your family members, close friends, or coworkers! The options are endless when it comes to what you can do with this decoration. Paint the box in any color you like or leave it how it is so that its natural beauty shines through.

These gift boxes are perfect for a dinner party, where you can place each guest’s name on their box. Then your loved ones will have a gorgeous decoration and a unique personalized gift to take home with them!

24. Wooden Christmas lanterns

These wooden Christmas lanterns are very easy to make and look rustic and elegant. They’re perfect for adding some festive cheer into your home, whether it’s for an outdoor party or just on display in your entryway.

If you’re having guests over for the holidays, these would be a lovely addition to any table or mantelpiece!

They’re so easy to make, and you could even paint them in any color you like! Another decorating idea is to attach Christmas lights onto them.

25. Wooden Decorative Trays

No Christmas decorations would be complete without a few trays! Decorate these decorative wooden trays in your favorite style to add some rustic charm to your home. They’re effortless to make and look great as tray tables, mantelpieces, or just on their own.

The options are endless when it comes to what you can do with these. You could paint them in any color, embellish them with glitter or sparkles, attach Christmas lights to them – the possibilities are endless!

26. Wooden vase holder

One of the wooden gifts I’m most excited to give this year is these beautiful vase holders. These are rustic and elegant, and they’re sure to add some holiday cheer to your home! Not only that, but they’re straightforward to make. All you need is a few wooden planks of different sizes (they come in packages of two) and some wire for hanging!

Attach lights to the bottom of these vase holders and display them on your Christmas tree or table. These are great gifts for almost anyone on your holiday shopping list – friends, family members, teachers, coworkers…or even yourself! Fill it with flowers or even candles for a beautiful decoration that you can use year-round.

Image source: Etsy

If you want something more festive, paint it red and green or cover it with Christmas lights! You could also attach Christmas wreaths onto it for an adorable holiday touch.

They also make great decor for parties! Attach name tags to the front of them, and then guests can take their vase home with them as a party favor 🙂

27. Wooden candle holders

The gorgeous rustic wooden candle holders are great to use as decor year-round. They’re so easy to make and look elegant! I prefer white at Christmas because it reminds me of snow, but you can paint these in any color you like for the holidays or throughout the year.

Wooden Christmas Crafts to make and sell

You could attach them to your Christmas tree – either in the center or on the bottom branches. They also look lovely grouped on a mantelpiece, window sills, or table!

Make several of these Christmas candle holders at once to have spares around in case you need them- plus, they’ll look great in any room of your home! It’s a perfect decoration for your home, and if you give it as a gift, they’re sure to love the personal touch!

Wrap up

I hope this article on Wooden Christmas Crafts to make and sell gave you some great Christmas craft ideas. You can easily make many holiday gifts with scrap wood and some essential tools. I’ve tried to make sure each was reasonably easy, even if it’s not beginner level, so they’re perfect for DIY-ers.

 You can make everything from Christmas wreaths to wooden vase holders and lanterns! This is also an excellent opportunity for your kids to get creative by painting some lovely designs on the wood or decorating them with glitter glue. These DIY crafts can be done together as a fun project, which makes it even more special.

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