Christmas Wreaths To Make and Sell

11 Awesome Christmas Wreaths to Make and Sell

Christmas is a time of year where many people get into the spirit and put up Christmas wreaths on their front door. If you are looking for new crafts to do with your family this holiday season, or if you’re thinking about starting a home-based business, making and selling Christmas wreaths might be an idea! This blog post will talk about the eleven different types of Christmas wreaths to make and sell.

What are some Christmas wreaths to make and sell?

Wreaths are a great craft to make and sell because they can be effortless but look beautiful. Plus, if you want to sell them, there is a vast market, and you will undoubtedly find customers and make money! With just some artificial berries, pine cones, or other greenery, and tiny Christmas decorations like ribbons and bells, you can create beautiful wreaths that people will be happy to buy. Here are some of our favorite Christmas wreaths that you can make and sell on Etsy.

1. Evergreen wreath covered in lights

This wreath is easy to make and looks very festive. People will love buying this during the holiday season!

2. Evergreen wreath decorated with Berries and Ornaments 

This wreath looks beautiful because it has berries on it and decorations such as bows and ribbon. It is very festive looking, which makes people happy at Christmas time, plus it is easy to make with some pieces of an old wreath. This is a great one if you want to try using fresh greenery and letting it dry in the shape of a wreath for two weeks or so before hanging! It’s especially perfect for those who like the more natural-looking decor.

Image source: Etsy

3. Vintage ornaments wrapped around a grapevine wreath

Try out this vintage ornament decorated Christmas wreath craft if you are looking for something unique. 

Image source: Etsy

4. Pine cone wreath decorated with cute ornaments

This wreath is a great beginner craft. All you need are pine cones and some ribbons to create this simple but pretty wreath. This Christmas wreath is perfect for any home, and it can be made relatively quickly. This craft looks beautiful because of all the pine cone decorations on it and the ribbons used for hanging purposes. These are very festive looking, so people will be happy when they see them hanging on their door during Christmas time.

This craft doesn’t cost too much to make either! You will need a wire or string to hang it up on your door, as well as some paint (or you could leave them natural). You could also use some glitter or beads to decorate your pine cone wreath.

5. Ribbon Christmas wreaths

There are many different kinds of ribbon wreaths, and they all look very festive! You can use any material for this craft – beads or jewels work well too! It is a stunning-looking but straightforward project that you will be able to make easily.

6. Holiday wreath made out of old wine corks

You can easily find inexpensive cork pieces at your local home improvement store, and you have to glue them onto the foam ring in whatever pattern you want! This gorgeous-looking holiday wreath craft can be made easily.

Image source: Etsy

7. Christmas wreath with stars

This is another simple craft that you can make in minutes, using materials like wire or paper, glue, and some paint! It looks beautiful, and it’s a great way to use up things lying around your house.

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Image source: Etsy

8. Wood slice wreaths

All you need is some scrap wood pieces or small branches that you can paint any color of your choice. You could even try painting them gold or silver to make them look extra fancy! They are a lovely craft that you can be creative with, and they will undoubtedly attract buyers.

9. Flower Wreath

If you are creative, try creating a flower wreath as well! All you need is wire and pieces of fabric or pretty paper to create these lovely flowers. This craft isn’t too difficult either, making it perfect for those just starting with crafts. It’s a great way to use some old fabric from clothes or pretty paper.

10. Warm colors paper wreath

This project is effortless if you have the suitable materials on hand already. All you require are scrapbook paper in some warm colors, a wreath, and some glue. Decorate it with some jewels or other decorations for an extra special touch.

Image source: Etsy

11. Christmas wreath made out of mini clothespins

This is another fun craft that you can make with your kids! They are great to create on rainy days when it’s too cold or wet to go outside anyway. All you need for this project are clothespins, some ribbon, and glue.

Image source: Etsy

Wrap up

There are so many different types of Christmas wreaths you can make and sell, so you should never get bored! You can experiment with lots of materials when crafting these for your customers. Most of the projects require minimal materials and little time, making them great for those who don’t have a lot of spare time or money. Some of these are more complex than others, but all of them have a market for being sold!

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