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Parler Stock: What is the Parler Stock Price?

Are you thinking of investing in Parler? Do you know what the Parler stock price is? Parler has emerged as one of the social media apps to look out for, and for a good reason. Many people have developed an interest in Parler’s stock and wonder what the Parler stock price is.

Parler: Company Overview

Let’s dive into what Parler is and look at if you can invest in Parler stock.

What is Parler?

It was early 2017 when Parler first announced its intention to create a new social media platform with privacy at its core. Since then, Parler has made headlines on many occasions for releasing innovative features that we all find in social media apps. Parler was founded by John Matze Jr. and Jared Thomson in Nevada in 2018 and has 20 million total users and 2.3 million active users as of Jan 2021. 

Parler pitched itself as Twitter without rules. It is free to use and is a social media app available on iOS but is banned from the Play Store. Parler has become more popular because supporters of former President Trump helped Parler get traction. Parler is a public platform that is free from censorship. Parler also has not been known to ban users from the Parler app for their content.

Parler ranks user’s content based on the number of votes they receive, and this determines whether a post is seen or not. Parler uses hashtags similar to Twitter but with Parler-specific hashtags. Parler has become a free-speech alternative to other social media apps and is also seen as the ‘Trump app’ by many people.

Parler stock

Like other social media apps, Parler has a straightforward and easy to use interface, making it attractive for anyone who has used Twitter or other news feed-based social media platforms.

Parler’s popularity and community are growing by the day thanks to its features such as hashtags that help users find like-minded individuals who share common interests. Parler has emulated many of the features of Twitter. A retweet is Echo, and Likes are Votes. Parler’s verified influencers get a yellow badge. Parler has an open network and public profiles, making it easy for users to share content and engage with each other.

Domination of Big Tech

Some people believe that Big Tech giants in Silicon Valley have censored conservative voices. Although hate speech still exists on these platforms, they haven’t done enough to curb violence and hate speech. Some people believe that there is a liberal bias regarding censorship on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

People who support Parler believe that Parler is the answer they were looking for due to their lack of censoring opinions. Parler thinks they can generate enough revenue through influencers instead of ads, another thing Parler is lauded for. Parler is one of the latest examples of how social media companies are catering to their users.

Things to note about Parler

  • Parler is a social media app that promotes free speech and allows for uncensored discussion among its user base.
  • Parleys on Parler are similar to Tweets on Twitter. Responses to Parleys are called Echoes.
  • The Parlor feed follows a chronological order, unlike Twitter’s algorithm-based feed.
  • Parler plans to use influencers and generate revenue instead of using ads on their platform.
  • Currently, Parler doesn’t have a stock price as it Parler is not publicly-traded.

Is the Parler app free?

Yes, the Parler app is free to download and use. Currently, Parler is only available on iOS and is banned from being used on Android devices due to Google’s store rules that Parler violates.

How does Parler make its money?

Parler plans to generate revenue through advertising and influencers on the platform. The company also has plans to charge businesses for creating parleys. Parler has been criticized for having Parley requirements that are too burdensome, especially if the Parley creator isn’t willing to pay Parler.

While Parler currently does not have a stock price, Parler is worth keeping an eye on as it goes public and becomes more stable and profitable. Parler can be a good substitute for Twitter and other social media platforms as it allows for uncensored discussion, which many claims are missing from these platforms. Parler also plans to make money through advertisers and influencers, which could work out well for Parler to get enough Parley creators on their platform.

Parler’s competitors

Parler has been compared to Twitter, which Parler is an alternative to. Parlers’ most significant competitor is Facebook, as Parler replicates the features of Facebook such as parleys and echo responses.

Parler also closely mimics Reddit as both platforms share many similarities with how users can conduct discussions on its platform. Parler’s goal is to overtake these social media competitors by mimicking their features while improving their existing features in the next five years. 

Snap is another social media company Parler has been compared to. Parler’s CEO claimed Parler is different from Parleys on Snap as Parler requires discussion of factual information while Parleys on Snap are more about storytelling or sharing opinions with friends. Parler also has Parleys that are limited to 1000 characters.

What’s on Parler?

So far on Parler, the two most popular parley topics are politics and sports. These are Parley categories Parler wants users to Parley about. Parler is a platform for freedom of expression, and Parlers can Parley about whatever they want.

Over time, Parler expects users to create discussion that engages more with Parler’s new features like polls, favoriting, and sharing. 

What does the future look like for Parler?

Currently, Parler is in its early stages and has a small user base compared to Twitter. Now, Parler only has an estimated 2.3 million active users at this time, which pales in comparison to Twitter’s 300 million active users. However, Parler plans on becoming one of the top social media apps in the next few years with influencers who support Parler. 

Parler also plans on getting listed on the stock market soon. Parler has been growing its user base quickly. Its monthly active users are expected to grow by 9 million from 2.3 million in 2021, giving Parler a chance to beat Twitter or become one of the top social media apps.

Parler has a massive opportunity to become one of the top social media apps, provided it can curb hate speech and spreading mistruths, which led to apps such as Gab getting shut down. Parler wants to overtake social media competitors such as Twitter and Facebook by mimicking their features while Parler improves on some of Parler’s existing features like Parleys.

Can you invest in Parler stock?

With Parler emerging as one of the favorite social media apps, people are interested in buying Parler stock. Parler stock is not available for purchase. Parler doesn’t have any plans of going public now, although we’ll have to wait and watch if Parler changes its strategy down the line. If you’re interested in investing in technology stocks, you can invest in companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and many more which would earn you good investment returns over time.

Final Thoughts

Parler is an excellent alternative to Facebook and Twitter and has many similarities with these social media apps. Parler’s users can expect its features to grow and become better with time. Parler is not yet successful as Facebook or Twitter, but it has the potential to become one of the top social media apps in five years if it continues to grow its user base.

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