AMIH stock

How to buy AMIH stock?

How to buy AMIH Stock? American International Holdings Corp., is a holding company that acquires and operates health, wellness and technology companies through its subsidiaries.

AMIH Overview

American International Holdings Corp., was founded in 1986 and has its headquarters in Addison, Texas. AMIH specializes in acquiring, managing and operating health, wellness, infrastructure and technology companies in the United States and abroad. It also operates and manages an online platform that provides customers with access to life and career coaches through LifeGuru, Inc. It operates and manages an online telemedicine platform, ZipDoctor, Inc. that connects customers to certified physicians and licensed mental and behavioral health counselors .

AMIH stock is listed on the OTCMKTS with the ticker AMIH. 

What is OTCMKTS?

OTC Markets is a company that provides a marketplace on which over-the-counter stocks can be listed and traded. OTC stocks are not listed and traded on regulated stock exchanges such as the NASDAQ or NYSE.  

What is an Over-the-Counter stock? 

Several small and micro-capitalization companies are traded over-the-counter around the world. These companies usually have a market capitalization of $50 million or less. They are traded OTC because they don’t meet the stringent listing requirements of the major stock exchanges such as the NASDAQ or NYSE.

However, many of these companies could still have potential as they could be developing new products or could be in research and development. If a stock trades below $1 per share, the stock can be delisted from an exchange and will trade OTC. OTC stocks will usually be penny stocks.  AMIH is an OTC stock.

Since they are not subject to stringent regulations, they don’t submit a lot of information about their business operation and potential investors must be careful while investing in these stocks.

They are also a favorite with investors who like to purchase a large number of stocks for a small amount of money. If the investment is successful they will have an upside whereas if losses occur, they will be small.  

OTC stocks have been the focus of pump and dump schemes that heavily promote the stock, cause a spike in the price and cause investors to lose money. OTC stocks are relatively unknown and unmonitored so they become a target of these schemes. It is for this reason that short selling is risky on OTC stocks. 

How to buy AMIH Stock?

You can trade AMIH stock or other OTC stocks by opening an account with a full-service broker or an online discount brokerage. The AMIH stock or OTC stock prices can be tracked through the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board. Some online brokers allow OTC trades. Before you open an account with an online discount broker, you need to check if they allow OTC trades. For example, InteractiveBrokers, TradeStation, and Zacks Trade are among online brokers that allow these trades. Full-service offline brokers also can place orders for a client. 

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